A teacher is best judged by HOW and WHAT he teaches

It took me almost ten years of study, research and experimentation to put together the pieces of the puzzle and finally come up with a set of methodologies not only effective and efficient, but also coherent, simple scientifically accurate, that could hugely impact the learning process of my clients.

Differently from most of the coaches and "gurus" on the internet, I deal exclusively on concrete results, I don't deal with motivation, self-help, vague life-coaching, pseudoscience, tricks or shortcuts. My work is grounded in actual research that leads to undeniable and lasting results.

In the age of informations, the value of a teacher, an educator, an author, a content creator doesn't reside only in the informations he delivers, but also in how he communicates. On this note, I decided years ago to bring my teaching to the internet in the form of videos. I uploaded over 600 videos on my Italian social media and I'm eager to do the same in English from now on. Search for "True Learning" with ADC on YouTube and Facebook and watch my videos and my other contents.

And if you want to know exactly what I teach, you'll find in this page a presentation of some of the most important topics I cover in my courses and lectures.

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact me directly, I will be happy to reply to you (you'll find the contacts section on the menu at the top right of each page).


Learning environment, instruments, mindset

The basis, essential for any study method

Planning and time management

When to study, how much and for how long; how to manage study cycles and pauses; how to plan precisely for a learning goal: how to structure each day to maximize results

Effective reading

How to take on any kind of text, book, article with the goal of reaching deeper level of comprehension and make sure to remember what you read, without sacrifing the right amount of speed, remaining focused and limiting as much as possible the need to read all over again


Reworking informations and schematizing

How to transform what you learned into an efficient diagram or map, adding your own thought process and personal take on the subject. Linear diagrams, mind maps, concept maps, any style you could possibly need


Managing attention when you listen to someone, constructing detailed and easy to remember notes through the combination of the Cornell Method, the KWL Method and other principles

Testing effect, exercise, application

The practical side of learning: using the principles of testing and active recalling, simulating exams ant tests and preparing for any kind of evaluation

Repetitions and mnemonics

Mantaining in your mind everything you learned using spaced repetitions, the Leitner System and other principles, using ancient and modern mnemonics to memorize quickly and effectively technical details, numbers, words, formulas, images, sequences...


Final preparation

Defeating procrastination and evaluate yourself to determine your strong and weak sposts

Preparation for exams, tests, contests

Strategies to adapt the learning process to the specific preparation for oral or written tests and exams, multiple-choices questionaries and any kind of contest or evaluation


Being at the peak of your performance and communicate effectively the knowledge you learned and consolidated

Language learning

Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, use, immersion techniques and all the strategies necessary to learn a new language in the fastest and better way possible

Increase productivity

Productivity comes from planning, organization, a coherent and well-designed stream of work and the correct mindset. How to apply these concepts to learning and studying.


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